We are Project AppleVerse! An Idol Dance Duo from Central Florida, consisting of members Apple, the silly green apple, and Universe, the passionate blue star. Combining our names, we are AppleVerse! Our goal is to make others smile with our dance covers, performances, and events. We organize random dance panels and idol events at conventions throughout Central Florida. We want to make exciting, unforgettable memories with each other, idols in the community, and the audience~!

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For business inquiries, email:
[email protected]

Previous Performances

MetroCon Anime Idol 2021
PolyCon Idol Fest 2022
SwampCon Idol Fest 2022
Anime Festival Orlando Idol Fest 2022
MetroCon Anime Idol 2022
WasabiCon Idol Fest 2022
Holiday Matsuri Lumica Stage 2022
PolyCon Idol Fest 2023
SwampCon Idol Fest 2023

Events We've Hosted

Love Live! Random Dance - Anime Festival Orlando 2022
Idol Fest - Anime Festival Orlando 2022
Love Live! Random Dance - Sugoi Expo 2022
Love Live! Random Dance - Holiday Matsuri 2022
Ensemble Stars!! Random Dance - Holiday Matsuri 2022

For business inquiries, email:
[email protected]

πŸπŸ’š Meet Apple! πŸ’šπŸ
"Relax with me under the sun~ Fun things are fun!"

The silly green apple of Project AppleVerse will take your breath away with her sweet smile and gentle vocals!Name: Apple
Pronouns: she/her
Birthday: September 20
Image Color: Green
Charm Point: Sweet Smile
Personality: Silly, Gentle, Optimistic

For business inquiries, email:
[email protected]

β­οΈπŸ’™ Meet Universe! πŸ’™β­οΈ
β€œLet’s make exciting memories together~!”

The passionate blue star of Project AppleVerse will steal your heart with her bright blue eyes and energetic dancing!Name: Universe / Uni
Pronouns: she/her
Birthday: February 6
Image Color: Blue
Charm Point: Bright Blue Eyes
Personality: Creative, Energetic, Passionate

For business inquiries, email:
[email protected]